NBC12 Viewpoint: We must do better!

NBC12 Viewpoint: We must do better!

By: Kym Grinnage - email

Here we are again. In pain, full of grief and once again, offering our thoughts and prayers to mothers and fathers who have lost their children.

When I listened to the heart wrenching pleading of mother of a murdered child, asking us to please do something, it really hit me that our society has changed forever. The problem we have in America today is that too many of us are still in denial.

I don't say this lightly or frivolously, but I say it emotionally and intellectually. We must make a commitment to do better. And the "we" is all of us.

The issue is about mental illness and gun policy. Yes mental illness is in your family, it's next door, it's in your pace of business, it's all around you and it will not go away without awareness and treatment.

And the next time someone tries to explain to me why it is OK for an 18 year old, who can't buy a beer, to legally purchase an assault style weapon, I will ask them to imagine a call from their terrified child in school saying goodbye. No amount of money from the NRA or any liberal activist groups will make that feeling go away.

This cannot be about our liberal or conservative biases that we hold so dear. We need to stop worrying about the next election and what our friends and colleagues will say or think about us. Think about doing the right thing.

Common sense solutions and common ground is all that we are looking for. The students in Parkland, Florida, made it clear, and have said "Don't fail us, please don't fail us again."