Community packs theater for Black Panther movie

Community packs theater for Black Panther movie
Source: NBC12

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The King of Wakanda is now in theaters nationwide, but for some, the most anticipated movie of the year is more than just your average superhero blockbuster.

The latest superhero to grace the big screen is inspiring people around the country and here in Richmond.

"This is a big deal," said Dr. Michael Jones, Village of Faith Ministries

The lines at Movieland stretched for days. Practically every movie-goer was buying a ticket. Some were even inspired to don their own superhero costumes, anxiously waiting to see Marvel Studios newest hero in action.

"For people who are just conscious, who are woke, they understand the significance of studios that put out movies that cater to our community," said Dr. Jones.

Outside of the spectacle and the action, it's the what this hero represents under the mask...

"He carries himself in a regal manner. He's a real gentleman. He's just suave. He's got swag off the charts. They help others, they help people who look like them, people that don't look like them," said Dr. Jones.

A role model whose putting a spotlight on a community and a race that's not always represented.

"There was so few outlets and so few opportunities for me to see myself up on the screen, so for individuals to see people that look like them on the screen, and then you've got Kendrick Lamar doing the soundtrack - man, it's going to be dope," said Dr. Jones.

It's the reason Dr. Jones was inspired to get over 200 people to see the premiere - to see someone who not only reflects who they are, but what they can be.

"We don't need to pull someone from a burning building, don't need to jump in front of a car or anything of that nature to help someone with their kids in babysitting, to help someone with transportation, that's what being an everyday hero is all about," said Dr. Jones.

The real message that Mayor Levar Stoney wants children and adults alike to take.

"A superhero can be many, many things," said Stoney. "You can be a doctor, a lawyer, you can be a teacher - those are folks that are saving lives every single day, and our young people, anyone can do that."

Because for a superhero, bringing people together is all in a day's work.

"I help change lives. I help impact lives. To say hero?... no, but am I that everyday hero? I can be, and I strive to be every day," said Dr. Jones.

"Black Panther" made $25.2 million at the box office in the U.S. and Canada on Thursday, according to The Los Angeles Times.

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