NBC12 resolves father and son's mail mix-up at USPS

NBC12 resolves father and son's mail mix-up at USPS

MOSELEY, VA (WWBT) - 12 On Your Side gets results for an elderly disabled man who tried to stop the postal service from sending his important mail to the wrong house.

The letters were going to his son's home instead of his and causing months of confusion.

The mix-up began when his son moved out of his parents' home. It persisted for a year, until NBC12 got involved.

William W. Brooks called 12 Investigator Diane Walker a few days ago to say the confusion is corrected and his mail is showing up just the way it should.

Father and son, William W. Brooks and William K. Brooks say they tried many times explaining the problem to postal staff. They say the complaint was always noted, and the follow through always fell short.

"After it was on TV, I think everybody in the world saw us," said William W.Brooks.

The son in Mechanicsville would get his father's mail and then have to drive it to his dad, who lives in Moseley.

"It takes 40 minutes driving over here from his house," said William W. Brooks.

It's important that he gets his bills on time. He and his wife say they can't afford late fees. They don't have the extra cash.

"We live on a real fixed income, and we have to be careful about what we do with our money," said William W.Brooks.

He says he asked USPS about zip codes - since both are different, why not rely on the codes? He was told they don't matter, because USPS uses the first four letters of the first name and the first four letters of the last name to determine where to deliver mail in this instance.

That formula apparently does not work, because the acronym is the same for both men.

"They tell us the same thing, and I didn't believe that for a minute," said William W.Brooks.

Brooks says he sees a noticeable difference since NBC12 contacted the postal service and believes the correction is permanent. He called 12 On Your Side and says he's glad he did.

"When I called 12 On Your Side, I explained what was happening. Then right away, within a few days our mail service changed," said William W.Brooks. "That's a wonderful service you all do for the community. People may not appreciate it but I appreciate it. Diane has done a lot. Looks like she can get people moving."

USPS did not explain what went wrong or how they got mail carriers to now deliver to the right home, but it's been two months of smooth mail delivery, so everybody's happy.

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