Red light runners abound at dangerous intersections

NBC12 spotted several red light runners at the intersection of Hull St. Rd. and Courthouse....
NBC12 spotted several red light runners at the intersection of Hull St. Rd. and Courthouse. (Source: NBC12)
Published: Feb. 13, 2018 at 7:26 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 13, 2018 at 11:44 PM EST
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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Running red lights isn't just illegal and annoying to other drivers, it can be dangerous.

It's a big fear for Henrico mom Katherine Cook - especially the intersection of Parham and Patterson.

"I go through this intersection at least once a day, and it's the one time where I see people run the red lights consistently," says Cook.

Cook's daughter drives through the busy intersection to get to Freeman High school.

"When she started driving, I told her this is the one place you have to be very careful. You cannot go when the light turns green. You have to make sure the intersection is clear."

The good news is that VDOT and Henrico Police know this area is one of the busiest intersection in the county. They feel road upgrades could help reduce red light runners.

By 2020, a major project will begin - traffic signals will be updated and lanes will be added.

"That will help a lot. Definitely, the traffic coming up from Chippenham Parkway, um, is a big problem. It will often get backed up past the church right there. So I think the two left-hand turn lanes will be a real help," says Cook.

Drivers are also concerned about the intersection of Hull Street and Courthouse in Chesterfield. Many think the light changes too fast.

NBC12's Candice Smith went to the intersection, and while reporting, she spotted a red light runner.

"So right now it's already yellow, that left turn lane. And we are red after 11-12 seconds. The straight here about to turn red after about 18 seconds - and it looks like we might have caught a runner right there," said Candice Smith.

A few minutes later, NBC12 spotted another red light runner. VDOT is aware of the busy intersection and working on improvements.

"Our Traffic Engineering team is working to make modifications to signals in this corridor to adjust the duration of yellow and red lights for added safety," says VDOT Communications Coordinator Bethanie Glover.

Running a red light carries a maximum fine of $350.

Is there something driving you crazy? Let Candice Smith know!

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