NBC12 Viewpoint: RPS: Help is on the way!

NBC12 Viewpoint: RPS: Help is on the way!

By: Kym Grinnage - email

In order for the Richmond Public Schools to be successful, the students in those schools must experience success. I believe that the new Superintendent Jason Kamras has the right formula for their success.

Everything, and I mean everything starts and ends with leadership. If things are not working, the leadership must take responsibility. If things are working well, the leadership can share in some of the credit. But, in order for a leader to be successful, there must be a vision, a plan, execution and accountability.

I believe that Kamras is off to a good start. The School Board and Kamras have outlined a 100-Day Plan to listen, discover and then execute the beginning of a Strategic Pan for excellence. The plan is supported by three pillars of Core Education Values: Engagement, Equity and Excellence.

What makes this 100-day plan a good first step is that it involves the community in the fact finding, the planning and the execution. The Engagement piece means going into ALL of the communities that are covered by RPS and speaking with families, students, non-profits, faith based institutions and business about what needs to be done.

Kamras has said two very important things that are included in his 100-day plan:

Equity: "I see it as our collective responsibility to do everything we can to help (students) them develop the skills, self-confidence, and passion necessary to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be."

And second, he has put it in writing that the RPS School Board will issue a report at the end of his 100 day plan to hold him accountable.

If you want to see the complete plan, click here or check it out below:

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