Couple paid moving company $7K, says they did not deliver

Updated: Jan. 19, 2018 at 6:25 PM EST
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PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - A Prince George couple is in a real financial bind because they say a moving company did not deliver...literally.

The family moved all the way across the country and thought their belongings were in good hands. In the end, they wound up paying for their move twice.

"I'm responsible for taking care of the home, that's my responsibility," said Antoine Winbush.

It's why Antoine Winbush has not rested since he and his wife moved to Prince George last year. He says they lost thousands of dollars in the process.

The couple was working with Ability Moving and Storage out of Anchorage, Alaska. Last July, they paid the company in full to move their property from Alaska to Virginia.

"$7,106 we paid the company to move our household goods," Winbush said. "We're talking about furniture, television, computer, desktops, tables, kitchen appliances, vacuums, bathroom accessories and tools."

That process would involve shipping their property to Washington and then transporting it to Virginia from there. Ability was to oversee and coordinate that entire process, but the couple says that didn't happen.

In August, they found a place in Prince George and called Ability to have them forward their things.

"That's when we ran into problems, because the moving company was responding to us saying, 'we're going to go ahead and move your household goods in a couple of weeks, we're working on it' and 'we're working on it' for a few weeks they would say," Winbush said.

This stretched on for weeks, according to the couple. Finally, in October, they received a phone call from a company in Fife, Washington called Lynden Transport.

"They were letting us know that 'your household goods are sitting here on our dock in a hold area and that we can only hold that for so long,'" Winbush said.  "I never got notified by Ability Moving Company that they had shipped our household goods to Fife, Washington."

From there, the couple kept trying to get Ability Moving to coordinate the rest of their move to Virginia, but that never happened.

In the meantime, they had to start replacing items that had not been delivered. Finally, in December, they hired another company to complete the move at a cost of nearly $4,000 all said and done.

"What it came down to is we had to come out of pocket to pay our own household goods to be moved, when we've already come out of pocket,"  Winbush said.

To top it all off, all of this threw off the couples plan to buy a house.

Now they're asking for a refund of nearly $6,000. That's the money they paid to Ability movers minus the amount Ability paid to ship the load to Fife Washington, where it sat for more than a month.

NBC12's Eric Philips reached out to Ability Movers in Anchorage to see where the company stands. An official sent me this email saying:

"Accounts payable is working on getting [them] the refund. This does take time since they have to compute the expenditures as to what has been paid for labor, supplies and material used to pack [their] household goods, and the cost to ship to Washington."

The couple says they packed their own items and used their own materials to do so. Philips pressed Ability Moving Company for a timeline, and the official responded:

"The GM will advise on Friday. Out of town."

We'll continue to press for resolution on this one.

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