Northam opposes Trump's offshore drilling plan

Northam opposes Trump's offshore drilling plan

(WWBT/AP) - The Trump administration has proposed a vast expansion of offshore drilling that would open 90 percent of the nation's offshore reserves to development by private companies.

The plan affects at least 22 coastal states and has drawn bipartisan opposition from 15 governors, support from six governors and one who is undecided.

Most Democrats - including Virginia's Governor-elect Ralph Northam - oppose the plan. Two Republican governors, Florida's Rick Scott and South Carolina's Henry McMaster, have formally requested that their states be withdrawn from the plan.

"I grew up on Virginia's Eastern Shore and can tell you firsthand that the Chesapeake Bay and the Commonwealth's ocean and coastal resources are every bit as ecologically and economically valuable as those of Florida, a state that was recently exempted from the leasing plan," said Northam. "I am encouraged by the decision to exempt Florida from the plan, and respectfully ask that the same exemption be made for the Commonwealth of Virginia."

Following is a list of coastal states and the positions of their governors, with party affiliations included:

Maine, Republican, supports drilling.

New Hampshire, Republican, opposes drilling.

Massachusetts, Republican, opposes.

Rhode Island, Democrat, opposes.

Connecticut, Democrat, opposes.

New York, Democrat, opposes.

New Jersey (governor-elect), Democrat, opposes.

Delaware, Democrat, opposes.

Maryland, Republican, opposes.

Virginia (governor-elect), Democrat, opposes.

North Carolina, Democrat, opposes.

South Carolina, Republican, opposes.

Georgia, Republican, undecided. A spokeswoman says Gov. Nathan Deal generally supports drilling but "has some concerns regarding opening up Georgia's pristine coast."

Florida, Republican, opposes.

Alabama, Republican, supports.

Mississippi, Republican, supports.

Louisiana, Democrat, supports offshore drilling but has not spoken publicly on Trump's plan.

Texas, Republican, supports.

California, Democrat, opposes.

Oregon, Democrat, opposes.

Washington, Democrat, opposes.

Alaska, Independent, supports.


Sources: Interior Department, Associated Press reporting

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