VIRAL VIDEO: Shelter kitty won't leave side of new forever home owner

Updated: Jan. 10, 2018 at 10:46 PM EST
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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico man's video of his kitten is going viral after he brought her to her forever home.

Alex Roberson says despite being a "dog guy," he decided to browse the cats on the Henrico Humane Society website on New Year's Day.

"My last roommate had two cats, and I fell in love with them," said Roberson. "My girlfriend, who lives with me now, was also a dog person. But she, too, fell under the love spell of my roommate's kitties."

Roberson says while looking through the website, he spotted "Rosie," a 7-month-old, "tubby kitty with a big heart."

"Shelter said she was overweight and had a bit of a belly for her age, I told them I did too," said Roberson.

After being approved for adoption, Roberson named her "Libbie."

"After she came home with me, she wasn't scared; it's like she knew this was going to be her forever home. She explored so much, but every time I was near, she HAD to rub all over me," said Roberson.

He posted a video of Libbie to reddit, and the post went viral.

"Her first night, she was cuddled up under my arm, purring all night. She is amazing, and I can't wait to spend so many years together," said Roberson.

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