NBC12 Viewpoint: Mentoring is a gift

NBC12 Viewpoint: Mentoring is a gift

By: Kym Grinnage - email

I was reminded earlier this week that January is National Mentoring month - I believe that mentoring someone is one of the most important things that a human being can do.

I had mentors in my life as a young man, and I didn't even know it. They were those outside adults in my life who were not family, but always seemed to be there with a dependable listening ear, when I needed it, advice, when I didn't want it, and guidance, when I needed it the most.

So who are the mentors of today? It's you and me. More than ever before young people need mentors in their lives and our strongest need in the Richmond community today are male mentors.

I was chatting with some men from Big Brothers and Big Sisters earlier this week and they informed me that the waiting list for young people in need of a mentor is in the hundreds. They said that they doing pretty good with female mentors for young girls, but who they really needed most were more men. Men of all nationalities and backgrounds.

I love mentoring. Sometimes it's formal, and sometimes it's informal. If you have a desire to be a mentor to a young boy or girl, don't worry about the "how." Just contact Big Brothers and Big Sisters and ask them to show you the "secret".

The "secret" of it all, is that it will be one of the greatest gifts YOU will ever receive. That's right, you'll feel like you have been given a gift. You can contact them here or call them at 804-261-4940.

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