Tenant: Landlord won't fix problems in my home

Updated: Jan. 3, 2018 at 4:05 PM EST
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A South Richmond resident reached out to 12 On Your Side because she says her landlord won't fix problems inside of her home.

Cynthia Davis says she was optimistic when she moved into her home on Minifee Street on Nov. 20.

"They were painting and working on it at the time, but told me I could move in and they'd work around me," Davis said.

Davis says the landlord's maintenance crew did fix some issues, like hanging a chandelier in the living room. But soon after, Davis says, the maintenance stopped and more serious issues arose.

"The floors, the electrical sockets all the way around the wall," said Davis, referencing the sinking floors and uncovered electrical sockets.

She also says the furnace broke and she didn't have any working smoke detectors. Davis says she made several attempts to contact the landlord, but he wouldn't fix the problem.

"I was in the cold from the ninth of December until the 25th of December when I had to call the fire department out," Davis said.

The fire department put in a smoke detector and, she says, called the landlord, insisting he fix the furnace, which he did.

"That's the only reason why he came out," Davis said.

Meanwhile, on Dec. 29, the Division of Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement visited Davis' home and found it in violation of city code for unsafe conditions such as deterioration of the heating, structural and electrical systems.

NBC12 reached out to the landlord on the lease, Talbott Enterprises Inc. The landlord didn't want to go on camera, but says he never received the city's violation notice.

He also says he complied with the fire department and fixed everything asked of him. He insists Davis only called him once and he did send a maintenance crew, but she wasn't there.

They left a note asking her to call and reschedule, which the landlord says she never did.

The two are going to court on Friday.

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