Police urge people to lock cars after would-be thief is caught on camera

Police urge people to lock cars after would-be thief is caught on camera

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - New video from Henrico Police shows a person trying to break into two cars - but they're stopped, because those car doors were locked.

This happened at a home on Monument Avenue, near Stillwell Road. Police are using this as an example of why you should always lock your car doors.

Even though the holiday season is winding down, your guard should always be up. Neighbors along the 6800 block of Monument Avenue are getting a much needed wake up call after a would-be thief was captured on camera trying to break into two vehicles.

According to Henrico Police, this happened Dec. 21. Luckily, the homeowners locked their vehicles.

"It shocks me a bit," said Carlton Hines, who lives on Monument Avenue. "I would think in the Fan, that's a little more prevalent, but here on Monument Avenue? Less so."

Locking up seems like such a simple solution, yet it can be easily forgotten.

"I think most of our cars now lock automatically, but what if your car doesn't or what if you think you click once it locks, so it makes me think I have to make sure my car is locked," said Hines.

Basic security measures include the utilization of exterior lighting, keeping valuables well hidden, and of course locking your doors.

"Just be prepared that the worst could happen, and do your best to make sure things like that don't happen to you," said Hines.

Across the street, in addition to securing his home and his vehicles, Brian O'Neil depends on cameras.

"People just really need to be more cautious about that and just realize that...don't just leave things in your car, because you don't want to be inconvenienced to bring them in, because there is the risk of theft," said O'Neil. "At a minimum, make sure you just lock the car up."

"I've kind of learned that even five dollars, if that's important to you, if it's a baseball card or whatever, it is it could be gone," said Hines.

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