RESTAURANT REPORT: Food had to thrown out for temperature violations

Updated: Dec. 21, 2017 at 11:15 PM EST
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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - In this Restaurant Report, violations range from employees not washing their hands after touching raw food and the trash, to food having to be thrown out for temperature violations. One is a takeout restaurant, one is dine-in.

We went over to America's Best Wings at 5650 Brook Road in Henrico, which had four priority violations, six priority foundation, and six core violations.

The report says some employees didn't wash their hands after touching raw food and the trash. We asked the manager about it and some of the other problems listed, including moldy hamburger buns and fries stored on the floor.

He immediately pulled out the inspector's follow-up report from two days after the inspection, saying, "Since the first time, we changed, we corrected all these things."

The report shows everything had been corrected, except for three core violations. He says those have been fixed now, too.

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The report says the manager had to throw out some rice that was not being kept hot enough, and some eggs and noodles that were not kept cold enough.

The inspector also noted the time sushi rice sat out was not tracked, and cardboard, which cannot be cleaned, was being used to line the prep table and storage for utensils.

Four violations were corrected on the spot.

When the inspector returned two weeks later, the follow-up shows everything was fixed, except they still needed to replace a frayed wooden sushi paddle used to press rice.

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