Republican challenges 1 ballot in close House race

Republican challenges 1 ballot in close House race

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) - A Republican who appears to have lost a Virginia House of Delegates contest by one vote is challenging a single ballot, based on concerns raised by a GOP election official who participated in the recount.

Attorneys for Republican Del. David Yancey presented a letter written by the official to a three-judge panel Wednesday.

The official wrote that although he signed off on the ballot, which was not counted a day earlier, he was confused at the time. He wrote that the ballot had both candidates' names bubbled in for the 94th District race. He says the voter had chosen Republican candidates in every other race.

Attorneys for Democrat Shelly Simonds say the ballot should not be reconsidered.

The judges are meeting to certify Tuesday's recount. If Simonds' win holds, control of the House would be tied.

A rare power-sharing agreement would have to be brokered between Democrats and Republicans.

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