Underage trafficking victim saved in Henrico

Underage trafficking victim saved in Henrico

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A prostitution bust in Henrico leads police to a young trafficking victim who is underage and selling her body for sex. It happened in November at the Broadway Motel on Brook Road.

Henrico Police tell NBC12 that this prostitution bust has led to a bigger investigation - they cannot release if any arrests have been made.

Some details are available in court documents. It says Room 29 at the Broadway Motel on Brook Road became the center of a human trafficking investigation.

Court documents say an underage woman sold her body on Backpage.com. Her ad caught the attention of an undercover Henrico officer investigating the controversial website.

The girl worked with a person known as "Khadejahs." The girl was told that some clients would want sex "...and that she would have to do that."

Half the money went to Khadejahs, according to court documents.

Theresa Badley reached out to NBC12, saying the story was all too familiar.

"I'm a survivor," says Badley. "My ex-husband was my abuser."

She claims she's the victim of human trafficking and domestic violence. Badley says her own ex-husband sold her into prostitution in her early 20s. She says she was tricked into thinking it was a modeling job.

"It was all good at first," she said. "Then when I got to the hotel, I was beaten and raped. Then I shortly found out that this was my job. I was going to be a prostitute. I was stuck. I had no money to come back home or catch a train or bus."

She says she survived numerous beatings, rapes and drug addiction, finally leaving when her family got a hold of her to come home for a funeral.

"I promised I would come back," she said. "He did choke me out and said you better come back."

But Badley never did, and now she's telling her story with the hope it will be warning for other victims.

"You get involved in drugs. You get involved in other activities. It's not just making a quick dollar. It's pain involved. It's self mutilation involved," she said.

If you're a victim of human trafficking or domestic abuse, here are some contacts:

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