RESTAURANT REPORT: Failure to track how long food sits out

RESTAURANT REPORT: Failure to track how long food sits out

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two restaurants were written up by health inspectors for not tracking how long food was sitting out. According to their inspection reports, one restaurant had a written policy but wasn't following it, another was told to put a plan in writing.

Up first, Eastern Carry Out at 9024 West Broad Street in Henrico. The Chinese take-out restaurant usually earns better health inspection scores, but this time, it had four priority violations and three priority foundation violations.

The inspector told them they must have a written policy for food being held on time control. The inspector also wrote that a deep cleaning was needed throughout the facility, an employee failed to wash their hands before food prep after touching their phone, and dishes and utensils were not being sanitized.

When the inspector returned two days later, the inspector noted significant cleaning had been done and dishes and utensils were being sanitized. Everything but time control was corrected.

We spoke with the manager by phone, who explained that she had a different inspector that day, but emphasized everything was corrected right away, including writing a time control plan.

Up next, Bojangles at 2807 Hicks Road in Chesterfield had four priority violations, one priority foundation, and one core violation.

The report says risk control plans for cold holding and timing how long food sits out were put into place back in January, but the same issues were still present. The inspector also suggested having the walk-in-cooler checked because it was not maintaining products at 41 degrees.

The report shows the priority violations were corrected on the spot.

The Bojangles franchisee Tands, Inc, issued the following statement:

Our Richmond, Virginia location passed the yearly inspection you referenced and is in full compliance with local and state guidelines. Food safety and quality is our highest priority, and we look forward to continuing to serve Bojangles' delicious chicken, biscuits and fixin's to our loyal customers for many years to come.

We gave our Hall of Fame Award to Caribbean Chef at 901 Hull Street in Richmond for acing seven health inspections in a row. That's a major accomplishment, as owner Clifford Waterman is running the restaurant by himself since his wife died a couple of years ago.

"It's just me alone. Me, myself, and I," he said. "I'm honored to receive the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award again. I try my best to keep everything the way we used to do it since she was here."

Waterman says he hopes to add some staff next year.

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