Saving 'Interstate' Stella: Woman rescues dog from I-64

Saving 'Interstate' Stella: Woman rescues dog from I-64

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman comes to the rescue of a bloodied dog found running down a very busy Interstate 64, but the rescue efforts are not over yet.

Caleigh Remocaldo is dealing with hefty vet bills related to Stella. When Caleigh picked up the bloody pup near the Mechanicsville exit, she took her to the vet, who says Stella's injuries show she was thrown from a moving vehicle.

The vet could also tell Stella had just given birth to a litter of puppies - possibly the very day she was left for dead on the interstate.

"Everything's okay, no one's gonna hurt you," Caleigh whispers to the pit bull lying in her lap.

Caleigh is the new mother to the pit. The pit, "Interstate" Stella is a new mother too, but she was taken away from her puppies, so she cares after her toys.

"She thinks that all of these stuffed animals are her puppies," Caleigh explained. "She probably was used for her puppies and then thrown from the car. It's possible that she's related to the Dinwiddie dog fighting rings that they just busted."

Stella was dumped on Interstate 64 last Tuesday, and Caleigh saw her while driving to work.

"The moment I saw her, if I would've left, I would've never forgiven myself," said Caleigh. "She actually had her two paws up on the bridge about to go into traffic when I yelled for her. She saw me and she bolted right for me and just thrusted her head right into my chest. She was bleeding all over me. She has a little bit of road rash you can see. So I just had to very carefully take her to my car and put her in the backseat."

Caleigh took Stella to the vet and paid $230 for her care so far. She's trying to raise money so she can bring Stella back for more. She has marks from a chain around her neck and internal damage from breeding.

"They're worried that maybe there could still be puppies inside of her, she's still bleeding a lot from giving birth and they thought when I found her, she had just given birth," Caleigh said.

You can feel Stella's pain when you watch her walk, but when she lies down in Caleigh's lap, you feel her love.

"And like, right now - it doesn't get much better than this. Who knows what she's seen or felt or been through, but at the end of the day she can this!"

Caleigh says if she's able to raise more money than she needs, she'll donate it all to another family who needs help with vet bills.

If you'd like to help Caleigh and Stella, visit their GoFundMe:

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