Secret Samaritan: Woman gets her smile back

Published: Nov. 17, 2017 at 4:57 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 20, 2017 at 10:17 AM EST
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(WWBT) - A few weeks ago, NBC12 introduced you to "Berta," who had become confined to her house because most of her teeth had broken or fallen out.

But now she has a new lease on life.

"You know and I know, you have some bad teeth," her doctor said.

Berta had come to this dentist about a year ago. On the first visit, he laid out a plan of attack to fix her teeth, but after that first trip, she never went back.

The reason? The money. It would have been more than $3,000 to fix her badly damaged teeth, and she just didn't have it.

Berta's troubled teeth had turned her into a shut-in. The TV had become her best friend, because she was just too embarrassed to go out. Then she saw one of our Secret Samaritan stories and decided to go online and share with us the one thing holding her life back.

"If you had a wish, what would your wish be?  And I said I wish they would fix my mouth, because I can't afford it," said Berta.

Her dentist had almost forgotten about her, until he got an anonymous call.

"I was contacted by someone, somehow that said, do you know this patient?" her doctor said. "I said yes, I met her last year, but haven't seen her since.  And they said, what if we stepped in to help you out with this case?"

With her new teeth, Berta is ready to start doing all of the things she used to - simple things that really mean a lot.

"Smiling and talking more, because I wasn't talking much, because I didn't want nobody looking at me. ... And whoever you are, I'd really like to thank you, because I wouldn't have had these," she said, pointing to her teeth.

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