Following NY attack, Richmond Police prepare for marathon

Following NY attack, Richmond Police prepare for marathon

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With the Richmond Marathon just around the corner, police have some new tips for everyone to consider when they're taking part in a public event out on a street.

After the recent terrorist attack in New York that left eight dead and more injured, NBC12 spoke with President of the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police Kevin Carroll about preparing for people who would use vehicles as weapons.

"We've seen these vehicle attacks, not just here but in other countries," said Carroll.

Charlottesville, London and Edmonton to name a few.  The fact is, this is becoming more common. The Richmond Marathon is next Saturday and Carroll says local police are preparing for thousands of people in a confined area.

"There will be barricades up. There will be plenty of officers working the event, and certainly if someone feels that something's off, they need to go to an officer right away and let them know," said Carroll.

In these types of situations, the old tips still ring true: pay attention to your surroundings and if you see something, say something. Carroll says when you're out in a street, there are also other ways to protect yourself.

"Stay to the sides of the roads where the curbs are, where there are trees, where there are other cars. Between the roadways and the houses, so you can take cover, if necessary," said Carroll.

We can't protect ourselves from everything out there and we need to live our lives, but local police are asking us to help them observe our surroundings and always err on the side of caution and report anything that looks suspicious.

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