Hanover Sheriff: Thieves posing as tree service steal from homes

Hanover Sheriff: Thieves posing as tree service steal from homes

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Hanover deputies are asking for the public's help identifying two men who've stolen from elderly in the area.

Hanover is "usually pretty quiet," a resident said, but the sheriff's department says two larcenies happened in September. The first was along Verdon Road, in Doswell. The second was on Pouncy Tract Road in Rockville.

The report describes a couple of men who show up to an elderly person's home offering a tree service. One man talks to the elderly person outside, while the other scours the house for valuables before taking off with the money.

"In both instances, the suspects are described as white, possibly Hispanic," Sergeant James R. Cooper said.

The larcenies are concerning for residents who live alone, like Ora Washington.

"There's no one around me for them to hear me. So yes I'm afraid," Washington said.

William Ragland also lives alone, but says he isn't concerned, because he's got plenty of dogs for security. The neighborhood's message to scammers is clear.

"I think they best beware if they're trying to scam people around here," Ragland said.

They know the best way to keep out any unwanted visitors.

"I don't open my door for anyone I don't recognize."

The Hanover Sheriff's office advises residents to keep all doors locked. If you know anything about the suspects you're urged to call crime stoppers at 780-1000.

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Copyright 2017 WWBT NBC12. All rights reserved