Crowd cheers for idea to remove Confederate monuments in Richmond

Crowd cheers for idea to remove Confederate monuments in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A huge crowd showed up at Richmond City Hall to encourage leaders to remove the Confederate monuments. It comes as Councilman Mike Jones submitted his proposal to get rid the Confederate statues on Monument Avenue.

Monday night was simply an introduction of the idea to take down statutes like the Lee Monument in Richmond. While we have seen strong opposition to that idea recently, just about the entire crowd was in favor of it.

Several speakers addressed city council saying they support the removal of Confederate statues across Richmond. One supporter even asked anyone in the crowd who agreed to stand up - nearly the whole room did.

Those in attendance held signs saying "take em down!" Now, that's just one city councilman is aiming to do.

"While many people smile on the aesthetic quality of these statues, so many of those same people choose not to know or care to know about the pain, the insult triggered by these symbols of white supremacy, white privilege," said Marty Jewell, who wants the monuments to be removed.

"When you think about the lack of voice that individuals had when these monuments went up, the monuments went up during Jim Crow, segregation, the Civil Rights Movement as an act to intimidate," said Councilman Mike Jones.

The Virginia Flaggers took to Facebook in opposition to the proposal.

The group says many citizens of the Commonwealth support leaving memorials in place and to destroy them, the group says, would devastate Richmond's tourism and economy.

The Virginia Flaggers call the proposal political grandstanding and adds, "Shame on Richmond for wanting to be the next Charlottesville.

The next step here is for a city committee to review Councilman Jones' proposal and then decide whether to recommend council take any action. Jones is encouraging those with an opinion to share it when the committee meets next month.

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