RVA Parenting: Mom Mishaps by Tara Gray

Published: Sep. 14, 2017 at 2:39 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 19, 2017 at 10:45 AM EDT
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Tara Gray is a stay at home mom in Hanover county. She says she was a mom in her heart before she became one. Tara enjoys any opportunity to
get outside as a family. Carytown, Colonial beach, Belle Isle or a picnic in Maymont.

We all have those cringe worthy moments as parents. The moment and or experience turns into a laughable memory or a story that you share hoping to hear don't worry about it. Those awkward moments have made me want to hear other "mom moments". Essentially swapping stories. There are obviously the easy retrieved ones and then the ones that you forget til one day your loving family reminds you of that time that you…. Some are funny others embarrassing and they all become part of our mom moments.
I like to believe I am not the only one that enjoys a guilty pleasure of sneaking the kids Halloween candy while they are in bed along with a glass of wine. I also must offer up I rummage through my teenage daughter's closet as if I am at a yard sale if I don't have anything to wear. On to the more awkward moments. I volunteered to stuff and hide Easter eggs in my daughter's class. I was just about done hiding them when I overheard another parent comment on how hard it was to find items to fill the eggs with that year because of the new no food policy. That would be fine if I had not have filled all the eggs with you guessed it, candy. I still do not know how I missed that memo. I had to quietly pull my daughter aside and tell her I must take her eggs home with me because they all have candy in them and that is against school policy, and well no other child was getting candy. Awkward! I wanted to melt into the floor. Another time I had volunteered to send in food for a special project the class was doing that day. A different class and not the same child. This time I was responsible for sending in cooked chicken. I should have cooked it the night before like my husband suggested. I insisted I could cook it in the morning,
I wanted it to be fresh. When I sent it off with my daughter it was piping hot and smelled so good. Anxiously waiting to hear how the day went, when she came home she told me the teacher cut into each piece in front of the class only to find that every single piece was undercooked. I very well could be the reason for the no food policy. Although this was a different child and school, so I like to joke around a little. 
I can't forget the time I promptly responded to my daughter's classmates party invite only to completely forget about it, even after sticking the invitation on the DON'T FORGET BOARD in the kitchen. Then there is the Christmas that my husband and I fell asleep on the couch in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve, waking up frantic wondering what time it was and had the kids come downstairs yet. It turned out fine but the mom in me felt bad. Oh, then the time our youngest daughter she was about four then found every single one of her "Santa" presents unwrapped hidden in our closet. Imagine her excitement when she saw a brand-new bike. I wanted a rewind button. If only I had hidden them better or wrapped them. Ever since that year I wrap each gift immediately and put all the gifts in a trash bag in the attic. One last "mom moment" involves us in our car at a stoplight on the way out for a family day. We had picked up a pizza and was taking it to the park for a picnic. There was a man with a dog holding a sign asking for money for food. We never carry cash, however this day we did have food. I rolled the window down asking him if he was hungry. He responded yes. I handed him some of our pizza out of the window.

The whole point of this is that as moms we mess up, we may miss a school function maybe even show up for it late. The intention shows in the end. Then those awkward mom moments turn into memories. Do not be so hard on yourself, even the mess ups are what unite all of us moms. I would really enjoy hearing some of your mom mishaps. Thank you! Tara