More Bang For Your Buck: Home improvement, your timing could lead to savings

More Bang For Your Buck: Home improvement, your timing could lead to savings

(WWBT) - Every industry has a busy season, but there's also certain months of the year where businesses are willing to negotiate prices to get clients in the door.
Your timing can translate into big savings.

Good contractors are in high demand right now and that will continue through the next two months. October and November are two of the busiest months of the year which pretty much guarantee you'll pay a premium for their service.

Sarah Gulbrandsen is the vice president of Client Services.

"We had millions of calls coming through our proprietary technology, and so we realized, we were basically sitting on a gold mine of data and that we could really identify a lot of trends coming out of that."

RingPartner is a digital marketing company that connects consumers to businesses through in-bound phone calls. They analyzed transaction conversion rates and came up with this list of the busiest and slowest times for several industries.

"Specifically in the fall, which is coming up right now, it's a good time to call about garage doors, fences, and landscaping," said Gulbrandsen.

If you need garage door work, get it done now. They book up in May and June. Want to remodel your bathroom? A December project could net you a better deal than if you book in late spring. When there is less demand, companies are more apt to offer promotions and deals to get clients through their doors. When they have less work on their schedules, it can also give you room to negotiate.

"You can at least call and plan something out earlier in the year and maybe even get a better rate. Supply and demand says, basically if there is more opportunity, then there is a really good chance that you're more likely to get a better deal," Gulbrandsen said.

RingPartner has the breakdown for auto insurance, lawyers, even car parts.

If you have a project coming up, you will want to check out their data to get the best deal.

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