UPDATE: Beaverdam mother says son found SAFE in the Caribbean

UPDATE: Beaverdam mother says son found SAFE in the Caribbean

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A Beaverdam mother now says her son Kerman Haynes, who was in the Caribbean when Irma hit, is safe.

Pat Bland says Haynes and his friend are in the British Virgin Islands. They were in Tortola during Irma.

Bland says her phone rang once, but no one was the on the other line when she picked up. She realized the number was from the Island of Tortola. She called back, but it went to voicemail.

Bland's niece, who lives in Florida, was also listed as an emergency contact for Haynes. She called Bland to tell her she had also been contacted by the British Virgin Islands, to let her know Haynes and his friend Andrew were safe.

The BVI government is working to get them off the island. Bland says she did not hear the specifics on how they would get off the island, but she is just glad to hear that they are OK.

"For right now, that's okay for me," said Bland. "To just know that they are safe and they are okay...it was the most wonderful feeling I've had for quite some time."


A Beaverdam mother continues to search for her son after Hurricane Irma destroyed parts of the Caribbean.

"You feel helpless," said Pat Bland "You're so far away you can't help him."

Bland continues to pray and wait for the phone because it has been more than 24 hours since she has heard from her son, Kerman Haynes. The last message he sent, is still replaying in her mind.

"The text said, 'The whole building is shaking. Windows have blown out, so we are in the bathroom with a mattress on top,' " said Bland.

Hiding from a powerful storm, 180 mile per hour winds on the island of Tortola, the 40-year-old, has been on vacation with a friend, but couldn't leave the British Virgin Islands before Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean on Wednesday.

Haynes took video of the crashing waves and high winds, from their hotel, as Irma barreled into the island, but eventually, the updates stopped, leaving his mother, family, and friends concerned.

"I want to make sure I have reached out to as many places as I can reach out and get his name out there as much as I can," Bland explained.

She has contacted the State Department and the American Red Cross, and loved ones are also using social media hoping someone will know if Haynes and his friend are safe.

"I know the phones are down, that there is no Wi-Fi and cell phone towers," said Bland. "I just want to hear his voice or see a text."

Haynes lives in Atlanta and was supposed to fly back Friday.  As she waits, Bland just wants her son to know she's not giving up.

"You just have to have faith," said Bland.

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