RESTAURANT REPORT: Inspector spotted mouse in take-out restaurant

RESTAURANT REPORT: Inspector spotted mouse in take-out restaurant

(WWBT) - First, a health inspector reported seeing mouse droppings in a take-out restaurant during an inspection.  The next week, the inspector reported seeing the actual mouse.

The place is Ho Ho Chinese, a take-out restaurant at 10 East Laburnum Avenue in Henrico.  It had five priority violations, three priority foundation, and eight core violations on its last inspection.  The report says there were several flies in the facility and mice droppings on shelves in the back.  It also says an employee didn't wash their hands, and utensils and dishes were dirty on the clean rack.

We asked manager Jackie Chan about the problems.  "We've cleaned it.  We cleaned and corrected everything," he responded.

But the follow-up inspection a week later shows the inspector then spotted a mouse in the facility.

"I called the pest control, and they fixed that," said Chan.

He said everything has now been corrected and explained the problems happened because they're short staffed.

"Everything is because we are short on people right now," Chan said.  "But we try to clean everything and make everything better."

Up next, Viva Mexico at 7500 Jackson Arch Drive in Mechanicsville had three priority violations, plus two priority foundation and one core violation.  The report says raw steak was stored in the ice machine in contact with ready-to-eat ice, and utensils were not being sanitized in the dish machine.  The inspector noted violations were corrected during the inspection.

We gave our Hall of Fame Award to Pad Thai Restaurant at 8460 Meadowbridge Road in Mechanicsville.  The restaurant has aced four health inspections in a row.  The manager says their motivation for doing so well is making sure they don't end up in the Restaurant Report for the wrong reasons.

"We're just trying to get into a habit of keeping everything clean.  That's the most important part. Just getting into a habit, and, of course, you don't want to end up on the other side of the list," said manager Thawatchai Sangkum.

Pad Thai has been serving its Thai cuisine for twelve years and grows their own chili peppers right in front of the restaurant.

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