Richmond area reacts to O.J. Simpson being granted parole

Richmond area reacts to O.J. Simpson being granted parole

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - O.J. Simpson will get out of prison after he was gr anted parole Thursday.

He was serving time for a 2008 Las Vegas hotel heist. Now, the 70-year-old football sensation has spent nearly nine years behind bars.

The decision brought a reaction from both sides. Some say he's served his time. Others point to the high profile double murder he was arrested for and then acquitted of years prior.

Chances are, very few moments went by when you did not see OJ Simpson flash across your television or social media.

"If I had been on the parole board, I would not have made the same decision," said Eric Finkbeiner.

"If you put anyone else in that position, if it wasn't OJ, then people would look at it differently," Veronica Taylor said.

O.J. could have served up to 33 years. Instead, he's on track to serve the minimum nine years for his role in robbing a Las Vegas hotel to retrieve sports merchandise.

Johneia Randolph questions if even the minimum was too much.

"Now killing somebody, but robbing? Come on now," she said.

"I think it's weird. Serve nine years for that one little thing so it had to be more," Jameria Randolph added.

Others approved of the long sentence, deeming it fitting following his 1995 acquittal of the murders of O.J.'s ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

"When it happened, I watched it like clockwork, and I didn't think he did it," Johneia Randolph said.

But that's not the crime at hand. Simpson is finishing his sentence for armed robbery.

"He's done his time for the crime he committed and was charged for. Let him be," Crystal Lipscomb said.

"He's done," said Amanda Aultman.

"You think that's good?" asked NBC12's Brent Solomon.

"Sure. What's he gonna do? What he's going to do now?" Aultman responded.

"I just don't think he's regretful for anything he's done - whether it's that incident or other incidents," Finkbeiner said.

The Juice could be released as soon as October 1, which is when he would have finished nine years behind bars. That's where he's described as being
on good behavior and even mentoring fellow inmates.

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