Richmond City Council discussing auditor's job after complaints of bullying

Richmond City Council discussing auditor's job after complaints of bullying

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Umesh Dalal made a name for himself for exposing government waste at Richmond City Hall for well over a decade. Now, the city auditor's job is on the line because sources say there are accusations of workplace bullying.  On Monday, city council will meet in a closed session, which is protocol when discussing personnel matters, to discuss Umesh Dalal's future.

But one city councilwoman, Reva Trammell (Dist. 8) is sticking up for him.

When it comes to exposing fraud or waste of taxpayer money in the city of Richmond, Auditor Umesh Dalal and his team have uncovered it and made it public record. But now, sources say his employees accuse Dalal of workplace bullying and other issues.

The city auditor answers to the city council, and the fate of his job is now in their hands.

But Councilwoman Trammell said the complaints prompted a study of Dalal's job performance.  At a press conference Monday afternoon, she called the findings "bogus."

"They are attempting to stop him from doing his job. This is pure evil," she said.

She blamed the administration.

"What really is going on here is that Umesh has found too much fraud and waste in the city administration," she said.  "The administration wants to get rid of Umesh because he has embarrassed them."

But the Mayor's office points out that this is a city council matter.  Sources said it was the council who asked for the report on Dalah's job performance in the first place.

That report is now with the city attorney. We stopped by but no comment from his office.

Councilwoman Trammell did not take questions after her press conference. She ended her conference with this statement: "My statement is based on my experience at city hall and my inside knowledge of what is occurring there."

There was no comment from Dalal's office on the matter on Monday.

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