Elderly disabled woman needs help with roof

Updated: Jul. 13, 2017 at 10:11 PM EDT
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(WWBT) - An elderly disabled Richmond woman reached out for help getting a roof and her ceiling repaired after the ceiling collapsed on top of her about three months ago.

That's how long Minnie Crumble has been battling with her insurance company only to find out that the bulk of the damage claim is being denied.  She moved from living in a hotel to living with her daughter.

She cannot go home anytime soon because she cannot afford a roof, so she is hoping a roofing company will step up to help.

Crumble is in a terrible predicament like so many elderly residents living on a fixed income and believing they have insurance to cover anything that could go wrong.

"I can't go home now. I don't have a home to go to. I'm frustrated. I'm ready to go home. It's got me stressed because I've always had a home. I've been in that house since 1998," said Crumble.

Crumble remembered the ceiling collapse as if it was yesterday.

"I thank God that I'm alive, and it wasn't any worse. The ceiling and everything. All my stuff is just piled up in the living room, except my furniture. It's gone. I kept a real nice house, but it's not nice anymore," said Crumble.

The insurance dispute is over what caused the damage. The Hartford sent her a check for $1,900 to repair the ceiling, but the company will not replace her roof.  It blames water damage on a nail pop and faulty workmanship. Crumble adamantly disagreed and was upset. She said she has been with the company for 15 years and never once filed a claim.

"I never saw any water or anything in my whole house. The kitchen, nothing. My ceiling just as white as it's always been, and it just came down," she said.

For a proud woman who has lived on her own since she was 16 years old, the thought of not being able to return home is crushing. She needs a roof and cannot afford the expense herself.

"I would be grateful for anybody that would step up and do it.  It would mean the world to me if I could get my roof fixed and get my ceiling fixed and move back home. It would mean the world to me. I would be so happy. I pray for each and every day that does happen so I can go home," said Crumble.

Crumble is staying with one of her children now. At the time of the collapse, which she said was due to wind damage, she underwent major surgery and was mourning the death of a daughter.

"It would just mean the world to me to be back home," she said.

Anyone who can help Crumble get a new roof and her ceiling repaired so she can move back home, should call and speak with one of our volunteers at 345-1212.

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