Apps help you break addiction to your phone

Apps help you break addiction to your phone

(WWBT) - The average smartphone user spends more than four hours a day on their phone. More than half of American teens admit that they are addicted to their phones.

Here are the signs showing you may have a problem:

  • style="text-autospace:none;">If you're constantly checking emails or social media, even during dinner with family or friends, you may have a problem.
  • style="text-autospace:none;">If you turn to your phone when you're bored or depressed, that's also a bad sign, as is hiding your usage from others.

The biggest danger when it comes to smartphones is using them at the wrong time. Yet, three-quarters of people admit to texting while driving, a big red flag.

If you need help in scaling back your smartphone usage, an app could help.

Checky keeps track of how many times you check your phone and show that number to you in big, bold print. An app called Freedom lets you block distracting sites on a set schedule or when you really need to unplug.

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