Essex Village owner faces 9 criminal charges for building violations

Essex Village owner faces 9 criminal charges for building violations

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - One of the owners of Essex Village, Henrico's largest subsidized housing complex, will be going to court for several building violations.  Nine court summonses have been issued against Essex VA Investors LLC/Paracorp Inc./PK Management by Henrico County building inspections.

The violations range from "failing to properly replace or maintain balconies and guards" to "failing to properly maintain plumbing fixtures, garbage disposal, and sink pipes" and failing to fix a mice infestation.

The building inspector says, "The owner is not taking a proactive and aggressive approach" to fixing the numerous issues at Essex Village.

Henrico building official Gregory Revels says more criminal charges are coming and is warning management that the county will take every violation to court.

"Regardless of whether it is a life safety concern, or serious health concern or just a basic maintenance defect, every issue now will be cited with a violation notice and they can expect it will be followed up with summonses," said Revels.

He says drastic measures need to be taken because there are numerous safety and health concerns.

"It has not been what I describe as a proactive initiative to aggressively rehabilitate the complex," says Gregory Revels, the Henrico County building official.

County building officials say it's a drastic, but necessary step.

"We think the only recourse the county has left to protect the interests and the health and the safety of the residents is to push this matter into the courts," said Revels.

One of the mothers listed in the court documents showed NBC12 her apartment.  For years, she has dealt with pipe leaks, mold and infestations while living in Essex Village. Her biggest worry is what it means for the health and safety of her children.

NBC12 has been investigating living conditions at Essex Village for months, and we've seen crews cleaning up and doing repairs.

However, Revels says it's not enough.

"They've been very responsive to the notices that we've issued so far, but they're not extending their efforts beyond that to repair all of the neglect that's accumulated over the years," said Revels.

He says there needs to be a comprehensive plan of action.

"I don't believe that's being done," says Revels.

Each charge carries a fine of up to $2,500.

It's unclear how that will affect PK Management, who receives millions of federal dollars from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  NBC12 reached out to PK Management and Essex VA Investors, LLC and have not yet heard back.

If you live in Essex Village and have an issue you want the county to look at, call 501-4360.


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