RVA Parenting: Fidget Spinners: Using fads to teach kids core life lessons

RVA Parenting: Fidget Spinners: Using fads to teach kids core life lessons

Aditi Wardhan Singh, founder of Raising World Children Magazine is a Richmond resident since 8 years. She is mom to two adorable kids 3 and 6 years old. RwC magazine provides parents with content to empower children to become positive, global thought leaders .She also writes for publications like Huffpost, Thrive Global, RichmondMomsBlog.

Fidget Spinners - Using Fads to Teach Kids Core Life Lessons

Fidget spinners have taken over the world. A night before I saw a video of a father posting about his daughter's joy on getting the "latest gadget". The next morning, there were 4 kids at the bus stop spinning them, arguing who had the best one.

A week later though, reports of the same being banned and teachers' requests to please keep the toys limited to recess or better yet home started pouring in. Psychologists started coming out saying, there is no substantial proof to the claims that the fidget spinners improve focus at all!

This phenomenon is not new. We saw the same with Pokemon, Hatchimals, Tickle Elmo etc. A new toy comes into the market, with a cool gimmick attached to it. In this case, "helping kids focus" and  before you know it herd mentality of trying the "new thing" and over use causes the same to become a nuisance.

There's always a thin line dividing the appropriate and the inappropriate. There seems to be an inherent loss of awareness of where that line is among the current generation.  Nurturing a basic instinct of responsibility, moderation and self control is paramount for success in life.

Below are the lessons we as parents parents can teach their children when a new wave of a  trend comes about.

Avoiding Peer Pressure

When we as parents get onto the band wagon of the latest trend just because others are doing it, we subconsciously teach the kids that it's okay to follow. Show them by example that it is absolutely okay if their interests do not match of those around them.

Understanding Trends

If you as parent feel the latest trend is useful for your child, explain to them why they personally are getting that particular gadget or toy. What need of theirs is it fulfilling? This helps them understand what trend to follow and what to leave behind.

Moderation in Use

Establishing rules of use is important to teach the child a key skill of doing things in moderation. The rules can be as simple as -

  • Do not use this while in school.
  • Do not play with the video game more than x minutes at a time.
  • All devices must be switched off when guests come home.

What To Spend Money On

It may seem they are too young for it, but understanding the Why of what you as a parent are willing to buy gets them thinking of the importance of spending money in the right place, at the right time. It's not about the amount but the use of the item bought.

Make Kids World Conscious

Make your children world wary. Share with them trends and stories from around the world. Discuss with them the dangers and positive outcome of each internet challenge, latest gadget, new fad etc. This makes them aware of real world consequences and gives them a good directional thinking related to cause and effect.

Toys and trends have their own place in our social and mental growth. We need to nurture in our children the desire to be self reliant in core values of moderation and self control!

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