RVA Parenting: Tips and Activities by Active Moms and Awesome babies

RVA Parenting: Tips and Activities by Active Moms and Awesome babies

Blogger Sarah Wade has a list of weekly activities for moms who have children of a variety of ages. The purpose of her list is to encourage social interaction for children that stay home and moms that might feel home bound or are discouraged for various reasons to venture out on their own.

The Week of June 12th

Topic of the week: Classes & Camps at Romp n' Roll

Romp n' Roll is the place to be if you have kids that need to climb, jump, and burn off some energy. They offer open gym daily where you can come in and enjoy the floor equipment for $8 per child. Currently Romp n' Roll is offering a Summer Passport for $99 where you can enjoy the classes, camps, and open gym for the summer. The classes are offered for kids of all ages starting at 6 months, and they even have drop off classes for the older ones, this is a wonderful option for when you might need a little rest! The classes are themed and include a song, craft, and activity that coordinates with the theme; such as The Princess Class. There are 3 locations in the area, Richmond, Mechanicsville, and Midlothian, and all the the activity schedules and price lists are online. Romp n' Roll is what I would consider a great "back pocket activty", its nice to be able to pull it out whenever you feel like you need to get the kids out of the house on short notice!

Surviving one of those days ….

Have you ever had "one of those days"? How do you make it through those days where everything is a challenge? You have been completely shaken to your core by tantrums, never ending messes, and talking back. It's hard in these moments to find a place of refuge, especially in the moments where your kids are not exactly acting out, but are just being toddlers or preschoolers. This phase of life seems to always be testing us.

My recommendation for those tough days: find your happy place. Seems easy enough right? I don't necessarily mean your sitting on a beach with a frosty beverage happy place, but your happy place as a mom.

My happy place ….

We brought my oldest daughter home from the hospital on a brisk November day; I had already put up our Christmas decorations because I wanted to be sure they were perfectly in place before we brought her home. I was immediately thrown into around the clock feedings that went all through the night. It didn't take long to establish my nightly routine; I would get out of bed, walk to the living room and click on a small electric throw, I would walk to my daughter's room pick her up and we would go back to the living room. Then we would snuggle under this warm throw and I would feed her, she would hold my finger, and we would both watch the Christmas lights twinkle. This was our nightly routine for the first 3 months of her life. This was warm, cozy, quiet time we had together is my happy place. These memories are where I go during those tough days when I need a reminder that it's not all that bad.

My token ….

My electric throw that my daughter and I nestled under for so many nights' acts as a token, sometimes just thinking of a happy memory isn't enough. Having this blanket that I can see and feel acts as a tangable memory of this special time, and it becomes real again. It may seem cheesy, and it probably is, but for me it works.

Take a moment to think about your happy place as a mom, a memory that only you and your child/children share. Then see if you can find something to associate with that memory. Then when you are having a day that seems like there is no way you will make it through as a sane person. Take a short moment to visualize your special memory, find your token, and let your mind take you back to that special time.

Have a wonderful week moms!