Richmond woman asks for help to stop speeding drivers

Updated: Jun. 8, 2017 at 10:32 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Jennifer Jones is asking for something to change in her neighborhood, so she reached out to NBC12 in an effort to get drivers to slow down. Jones says daily, she watches people speed next to her home on Woodmere Drive in the City of Richmond.

"It's very concerning. I would love to have speed humps," explained Jones. "I would love to have a 'children at play' sign placed in this area."

There's no posted speed limit on a narrow two-lane road leading to Jones' home. While it eventually widens, the worry is by the time speeding drivers get to a curve in the road, an accident could happen.

"I just worry that a car is going to come crashing into the house," said Jones.

She has two young children and says there are other children in the neighborhood as well. The curve in the road near Jones' home has visible tire marks from where people have driven too fast coming around the corner.

On Thursday, Richmond City Councilwoman Reva Tramell came to Jones' home to hear all of her concerns.

"We don't want a child to get hit and I know there are a lot of seniors out here and don't want to see a senior that's walking through the area get hit either," said Trammell. "We need to find out what time of day are they speeding through here, the buses, the cars whatever."

Councilwoman Trammell put Jones in contact with the Richmond Police Department's 2nd precinct. They contacted Jones and are making plans to assess the area.

"Have the officer that runs radar, have him out here and also have him pull how many accidents happened out here, how much traffic out here per day," explained Trammell

She also agrees with Jones' requests for a posted speed limit sign and "children at play" signs to get drivers to slow down.

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