RESTAURANT REPORT: 'Unsound' raw beef had strong, foul odor

Updated: May. 25, 2017 at 11:09 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Unsound raw beef. That was a violation for a Richmond restaurant on their last health inspection.

Tortilleria Guadalupana at 3337 Broad Rock Boulevard in Richmond had 5 priority violations, 2 priority foundation, and 6 core violations on its May 11th inspection. The report said "raw beef is unsound or adulterated."

We asked the Health Department what was wrong with the meat. They explained, the raw beef had an extremely strong, foul odor and was discolored. In his judgment, it was not suitable for consumption. The owner acknowledged this immediately and without any hesitation, agreed to discard the beef.

We went to the restaurant and asked the manager about it.

"The inspector came yesterday" for the follow-up inspection, manager Fidel Altamira told us. "He came yesterday and he found nothing is wrong."

We obtained the follow-up inspection report conducted May 22, which shows Tortilleria still had 2 priority violations, 3 priority foundation, and 4 core violations.  All but the core violations were corrected during the inspection.

Up next, True Taste Chinese Restaurant at 1090 Virginia Center Parkway in Henrico.  It had 3 priority violations, 4 priority foundation, and 9 core violations, including no handwashing was observed during the inspection, a cardboard box and happy bags were being used to store food, which inspectors say is unsafe, and a make table wasn't keeping food cold enough.

Several violations were corrected on the spot or were fixed when the inspector returned.  After the make table continued to have elevated temperatures on the follow-up inspection, it was turned to a colder setting and the inspector told them to monitor it.

We gave the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Subway at 1108 Azalea Avenue in Richmond for acing eight health inspections in a row.

Manager Aziz Bougtab said, "Working hard, everybody here. I have a schedule. Morning, first shift, you do what you do. Second shift, comes in and cleans windows. Try and keep everything clean and nice.  Trust me, when you do everything nice and clean, more business, more customers. I see more new customers come in every day."

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