Petersburg records: candidates for Treasurer, Revenue Commissioner owe money

Petersburg records: candidates for Treasurer, Revenue Commissioner owe money

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Two people running to handle your money may actually owe money to the city of Petersburg. The news comes as a turnaround agency has just four months left to reach its goal of making Petersburg financially stable again.

In the Petersburg Treasurer and the Commissioner of Revenue races, there are seven candidates. The city says two of them need to pay up.

"I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys. Let you know who I am," candidate Brittany Flowers said as she hit the streets.

It's election season and the campaigns are in full swing.

"What are some of your promises?" neighbor Evelyn Campbell asked.

"Better communication," Flowers responded.

She is not on the delinquent list, but some of her competitors are.

"I believe I'm the most qualified person to become Commissioner of Revenue," said Larry Brown, Sr.

That's when NBC 12 showed him the city's online records.

"This is what the city claims you owe in water bills. It says $200, 90 days past due," NBC 12 said.

According to records, the Commissioner of Revenue candidate owes more than $800 in past due utility bills for two properties.

For one of the properties, he says, "That's been corrected. That's an old bill."

For the other: "I don't have that property anymore," Brown responded.

Next, NBC 12 called Bridget Jones, who is running for Treasurer.

"I've been out in the hot sun, knocking on doors," she said.

"It says you are behind on your utility payments to the city," NBC 12 advised.

Records show she is close to $200 behind with some of it, 90 days late.

"No, I'm not aware that I'm behind on my water bill. I know I pay my water bill every month. I know I have running water. My water is not cut off," she explained.

"No, it's not right," resident Michele Mays said.

"We need to pay more attention to who is running, get a better background of what they're about, so we can vote more intelligently," Campbell added.

After NBC 12 started asking questions, the candidates made a decision.

"I'm just going to go take care of that," Jones said.

"Because you stopped by here, I'm going to pay that old bill. Then I'm going to stop by city council and ask for my money back," Brown added.

Petersburg is also considering creating a Tax Collector position. Next month, there will be a public hearing about it. It's unclear how that position would be different from the Treasurer or the Commissioner of Revenue.

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