RVA Parenting: Top things that send kids to the hospital

RVA Parenting: Top things that send kids to the hospital

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As parents, we'll do just about anything to keep our kids safe. Now, the safety pros over at the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU are helping us out - narrowing in on some of the things most likely to send our kids to the emergency room.

Corri Miller- Hobbs with Safekids and Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU brought a table full of warnings and hazards to share with us - things that could bring your child, in trouble, to this hospital.

"Unfortunately, when we see families come in, it's a very sad situation," said Miller- Hobbs. "Families are dealing with not only the injury that has occurred, but they're dealing with the guilt and the sorrow - sometimes loss. So it affects the entire family."

Here are the top three things that bring kids to the hospital:
1)    Car crashes - make sure your safety seats and seat belts are used the right way every time
2)    Falls
3)    Burns

Here are a few tips to avoid the hospital trip:

Helmets - they're not one size fits all.

"There is actually a specific helmet for specific sports. So there's a bike helmet, there's a skateboarding helmet, there are some multi-sport helmets. So as your kid is growing, they might need several helmets for several different sports."

Smoke alarms - this may shock you, but our experts say many teens won't wake up for one. With only minutes to get out in a real emergency, you have to practice.

"It's important for them to really recognize what the sound is and be prepared anytime to get up," said Miller- Hobbs.

Pool and river safety - the James is mighty beautiful, but in the wrong circumstances, it could also be mighty dangerous.

If you're feeling a little overprotective, experts say - don't. Plan ahead, buy the gadgets to keep kids safer. A trip to the hospital could change your lives.

"It has a lifetime impact on families, and this is something we can prevent," said Miller-Hobbs. "We certainly want kids to grow and explore and have a great time - enjoy themselves and figure out what's out there. We just need to make sure we are using some of these safety tools and being able to protect them."

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