'He held a knife to me'; woman scared because her attacker 'let off easy'

'He held a knife to me'; woman scared because her attacker 'let off easy'

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield woman says her estranged husband abducted her, beat her and sexually assaulted her, and she's scared the Commonwealth's Attorney is letting him off too easily.

"Very traumatic to sit in the dark to sit in the dark with a knife to my head and not know what second he was going to cut me to death," said Tammy Farmer.

Farmer says Stacy Jackson held her at knife point and forced her to perform various sex acts. Now she's shocked by the plea deal her estranged husband got in court.

"This man has been in the system for a very long time, and he just keeps getting his hands slapped," said Farmer.

Farmer believes Jackson is being let off easy even though she claims he terrorized her for two days last September.

"He held me, in the middle of the night, at knife-point in the dark and sodomized me for hours. This went on for two days until he finally released me," said Farmer.

Farmer says Jackson drove her to an Enterprise on Midlothian Turnpike. She says she ran inside, told the clerk to call the police and locked herself in the bathroom.

"When the police arrived, the rescued squad took me to St. Mary's for a rape test," Farmer told NBC12.

Jackson told NBC12 News injuries she sustained were "self-inflicted." Jackson is in jail in Henrico, the county where he led police on a chase the very day Farmer accused him of assault.

When asked why he would run from police if he was innocent, Jackson said, "I just snapped. I don't know what I was thinking about. I was tired of her taking these crazy charges out on me."

Farmer has filed a lot of charges against Jackson. At trial last year for something similar, Farmer says she broke down on the stand and that lost her the case.

"I was very loud, I was shaking, I almost passed out," she recalled from last fall's trial.

Jackson was acquitted and the Commonwealth's Attorney tells me that's the reason for this plea deal - saying two misdemeanors are better than nothing.

"I felt that this was in my best interest, instead of going back in front of a jury again," Jackson said.

Jackson has a long rap sheet - nine felony convictions, including assault when he beat Farmer with a bat two months after their wedding. He admits he had a knife with him when Farmer claims he sodomized her. He denies holding Farmer against her will with a knife, though he says he did have a knife with him during that time.

Farmer says the plea deal means Jackson could be out of jail soon.

"It makes me feel bad and vulnerable."

NBC12 Legal Analyst Steve Benjamin says Commonwealth's Attorneys have no obligation to prosecute based on the wishes of a victim. Jackson's sentencing is scheduled for next Thursday.


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