Henrico mom: daycare dropped 3-year-old off at wrong school

Henrico mom: daycare dropped 3-year-old off at wrong school

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A concerned mother reached out to 12 On Your Side after she says her daughter was dropped off at the wrong school Wednesday morning.

Jada Morrison says her 3-year-old's normal trip to Woodville Day Nursery ended at Woodville Elementary School instead.

"She knows her first and last name, so I guess they figured she was three years old, and she was in the head start program," explained Morrison. "And they called the Head Start Program, and the Head Start Program, they called me."

Morrison says she was at work when she got a call from Richmond Public Schools. Her father then went and picked her daughter up.

"So you're just going to drop her off anywhere?" asked Morrison. "I guess you see Woodville, and you think 'this must be it,' but I literally said it is the church, not the school."

Morrison says she wrote down the correct name and address for Heaven Sent Child Care in Henrico. She credits her young daughter for knowing important personal information, like her first and last name, which helped resolved the situation.

NBC 12 reached out to Heaven Sent, who sent this statement:

Heaven Sent takes pride in taking exceptional care of the children in our school. It is very upsetting that someone would go to this extent to accuse us of such an act. As a courtesy we agreed to take this parents child to school for her after she came into our center last night in a state of panic and worried because she had no one to get her child to school the following morning. Since our priority is helping the families in our community especially single mothers we agreed to help her out as a one time courtesy. This morning upon arrival the parent provided us with the name and address of Woodville in writing. My driver took her to the address and school she provided us with and he followed all the proper protocols and insured the child was walked into the school by school security and then he continued with his normal route. It is not protocol for any parent or daycare to walk children into the school building to their class during morning drop offs. All parents and daycares go through the carpool line and school officials guide the children into the building. This protocol also takes place in the afternoons. All daycare centers go through a carpool line and school officials bring the children out to our vans or buses. We took the child to the school that the mom provided to us and followed all the proper protocols.

"Even if the address was wrong, which I know it wasn't, you still didn't walk her in to make sure she was fine," said Morrison.

The daycare says walking children into schools during morning drop off is not a part of their protocol, and that, "the driver ensured the child was walked into the school by school security."

Morrison sends her 10-month-old to Heaven Sent Child Care as well. She says the employees are good with him, and he seems to be happy there. She is calling the incident a hard lesson learned for everyone involved.

"I forgive the person, but you have to be very careful," said Morrison.

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