Plans underway to improve emergency communications in Chesterfield

Plans underway to improve emergency communications in Chesterfield


Plans are underway to overhaul the system for emergency communications in Chesterfield.

The county is working to improve radio communications for emergency responders, starting with adding towers, in an effort to give better coverage to the entire county.

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - "When someone calls 911 for an emergency, we use this radio system to send first responders on scene," explained Rich Troshak, the Director of Emergency Communications in Chesterfield. Those radios become a lifeline for responders rushing to a scene, as they gather critical information to protect the public and themselves.

The plan going in front of the Planning Commission on Tuesday would ask for approval to add six additional towers, putting a total of 15 in the county.

According to county documents, the location of those new towers include:

- 2120 Hull Street Road

- 6001 Hickory Road

- 6700 Cogbill Road

- 4300 Mt. Hermon Road

- 3600 James River Road

- 2651 Weir Place

The biggest gain, according to Troshak, is the coverage the towers would provide for schools and hospitals.

"If there is a critical incident in a school, for example, the fire department and police need to go into that school, we need to make sure that radio system works all throughout that facility," he explained.

It would also allow emergency personnel in nearby counties stay in contact during emergencies. The towers in Chesterfield are just one puzzle piece in a Regional Communication system.

The project would cost 40 million dollars, the majority of which is being funded by a bond referendum passed back in 2013.

Once approved, construction could begin in June and last six months.

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