RVA Rocks: It's like Pokemon Go! 'without the electronics'

RVA Rocks: It's like Pokemon Go! 'without the electronics'

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you happen to see a painted rock at a park in Central Virginia, pick it up and take it home or hide it somewhere else -- it's part of a project called RVA Rocks, which is designed to get families to explore the area.

Jessica Laws, who started the group in January, says she got the idea for RVA Rocks before moving to Virginia.

"I loved seeing all the stories of how finding these rocks brightened someone's day, the smiles on the kids' faces and how it was bringing a community together to do something kind for others in a selfless way," said Laws.

The idea behind the project is simple -- paint a rock, write a message on the back to post it to the Facebook group and hide it.

And if you find a rock?

Laws says people can keep it or hide it, and also wants people to post their findings on the RVA Rocks Facebook group.

"I've heard it referred to as an Easter egg hunt or Pokemon Go! but without the electronics," Laws said. "The rocks always seem to find the right person. ... Plus it's a perfect way for people to explore the Richmond area."

Laws suggests for people to have "paint parties" with friends and family to get even more people involved.

"We've built relationships, had more family time away from electronics, we've been more active, and most of all the joy that comes with this is extremely rewarding," she said.

Click here for more information about the group.


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