Powhatan victim stabbed in brain angry over not guilty verdict

Updated: Mar. 23, 2017 at 6:55 PM EDT
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POWHATAN, VA (WWBT) - A Powhatan man who survived being stabbed in the head is now angry because one of the men charged in the attack was recently found not guilty. Norris Goode Jr. is speaking out for the first time.

Last week, a Powhatan judge found Jesse Ray Moore, of Jetersville, not guilty in the stabbing of another man. His younger brother, Jacob Moore of Powhatan, has also been indicted in the crime and is awaiting trial.

But the victim is more than upset over the outcome.

"I cannot live with being treated like this by the justice system I trusted," said Goode. "It's kind of scary knowing that gentleman, well that man, is walking amongst us still."

In April 2016, Goode said he had permission to fish on this pond with a friend on Huguenot Springs Road. According to court records, the Moore brothers thought the men were trespassing. Jacob Moore was living in a rental on the property.

There is a disagreement between Goode and the brothers as to who started the fight. But police say there was a fight involving all three men.

Goode was stabbed in the arm and the head.

"I was stabbed right here in my temple, right along my eye socket," said Goode, who still has visible scars. He says he deals with post traumatic stress disorder. An X-ray shows the blade inside his skull, the handle was never found.

In court, Jacob Moore testified that he saw his brother with a knife before going down to the pond. Court records say Jesse told investigators his brother was fighting with Goode, "but did try to break it up."

However, the documents go on to reveal Jesse didn't know how his lip got swollen or "whose blood was on his shirt." Bloody clothes and photos of blood at the scene were used as evidence.

Goode says the judge decided you couldn't tell which brother stabbed him, so Jesse Ray Moore was found not guilty.

"Because I did not see or the other witness did not see see this man actually stab me in my brain, that he could not say for sure that he did it," said Goode.

The same Powhatan judge, Paul Cella, will be overseeing the trial of Jacob Moore. Jesse Ray Moore's lawyer did not want to comment. The prosecutor says he respects the judge's decision.

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