On Your Side Alert: Craigslist scam puts Chesterfield family behind on bills

Updated: Mar. 20, 2017 at 4:38 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Craigslist scam has left a Chesterfield family wondering how to pay their bills with a child fighting cancer in the home.

Juleah Murphy shares her home with her daughter, two men with physical disabilities, and her brother's family of four, including her niece, a baby fighting neuroblastoma.

It's a lot of responsibility for Murphy, who just lost her job and who is only seeing income right now from the two men she aids in her home.

When she saw a job posted on Craigslist to work from home and make $300 a week, she leaped.

"He said he was a realtor from Arizona and his name was James," said Murphy. "He said he would pay me $300 a week to advertise homes for him."

She said she was skeptical, but desperately needed the money. Then a check came for too much money and she questioned "James" again.

"I was a little confused when he sent it because he said I was only supposed to be getting paid $300 a week," said Murphy. "When he sent it, I called, and I was like 'did you send me this check?' And he said 'yes, I did' and 'please go cash it and go to Wells Fargo and you can withdraw the money.'"

Murphy did, and the check bounced.

She says James denied her claims that this was a scan, but then stopped talking to her entirely.

"I'm just assuming that was part of the scam," said Murphy.

The impact to Murphy's family has been devastating.

"I lost my car insurance," said Murphy. "I currently can't drive because of it. ... I'm behind on my bills. My electricity bill is currently $531."

She's turned to charities and churches, but she still hasn't been able to make up the money.

All the while, her niece is living with her as they all pray they'll piece together enough money to keep in their home, and eat, and shower -- all the basic things a person needs in life, especially as a child fights cancer.

Murphy's niece, Kaydence, is currently getting care at VCU. Her family is staying with Murphy so they can be close to the hospital. Click here for her GoFundMe page.

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