Reward increases for abused dog found dead in suitcase at Pony Pasture

Published: Mar. 3, 2017 at 10:48 PM EST|Updated: Mar. 6, 2017 at 10:07 AM EST
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A $4,000 reward is on the table to help Richmond Animal Control find out who abused a newborn puppy and then left it to die in the river. A notice is spreading on social media after the gruesome discovery at Pony Pasture.

It was two quick thinking fishermen who noticed something odd in the river, a black suitcase. They pulled it out and couldn't believe what they saw.

"She was so perfect. We just wanted to scoop her up and turn back time," said Christie Peters.

Instead, Richmond Animal Control finds itself with a major case on its hands, a felony investigation. It all started when two fishermen at Pony Pasture noticed a black suitcase floating in the river.

"They got a rope, pulled it out, opened it, and said 'Aww man' and called [the] police," Peters said.

Inside the suitcase was a brown and white 10-week-old English Bulldog mix.

After Animal Control retrieved the body, it immediately sent it off for testing to try to get a better idea of what might have happened.

"It was confirmed that the animal was seriously abused prior to perishing," Peters said.

What they don't know is whether or not the female puppy was still alive when she was packed up and left to die.

"A horrible way to die," she said.

At the animal control shelter, calls of abuse come in all the time, Peters says this is the first time they've ever had something so unique. That's why getting to the bottom of this crime is critical.

"People that start with animals end with people," said Peters.

Right now, a $4,000 reward is being offered for info that leads to an arrest and conviction. The Richmond Animal Control originally offered a $500 reward.

"Our job as Animal Control is to be the voice of animals who don't have the option to fight back. I mean, that's a helpless sweet puppy, so we will fight back for them. We will work very hard to find you," she said.

If you know anything that could help in this investigation, the number to call is 804-780-1000.

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