Chesterfield man denies mortgage fraud accusations

Updated: Mar. 2, 2017 at 1:16 PM EST
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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield man accused of fleecing five people out of $100,000 says he's not a con artist, that police got it all wrong.

Timothy Wenk owned Premier Consulting and investigators say he fraudulently received money from people who expected him to secure mortgage financing. While investigators say he never delivered on the promise, Wenk says he never ripped off anyone.

Wenk, who also goes by Timothy Scott, says the criminal process is being used to collect a civil debt which he disputes.

Meanwhile, two of his alleged victims say all they wanted was a house and he took their money.

Wenk says the charges all stem from a  misunderstanding and the issue is really a matter of a few people getting together in anger because they didn't get what they wanted.

"I'm not some con-artist that sits and tries to steal people's money like it's being made out to be," said Wenk. "I'm a very hard-working person."

Wenk says never mislead anyone. He never represented himself as a mortgage broker and he did his best to serve his clients. 
Christina and Jason Medico say they paid Wenk thousands of dollars chasing a dream of moving from their apartment into a home. They say Wenk told them he would obtain mortgage financing.

"$6,900 is what we think is fair," said Christina Medico about how much she believes she is owed.

"We found out there was never any funding," added Jason Medico.

Wenk says he offered several times to meet with the Medico's but claims he couldn't get them to come into his office.

"In my opinion, the reason my sources were not willing to invest in the property the property did not appraise high enough was one factor," said Wenk. The other reason Wenk says is because it took three weeks to do an appraisal on a 30-day contract and the collapsed. He says his job was to find them funding but if a deal fell through details were in the contract.

"My agreement has an exit clause. It says clearly if you were turned down, we move on to the next property unless it's my fault and if it was my fault and if you were turned down solely for that reason, you'll be refunded," said Wenk. "And I went through the process of trying to refund the Medicos. The Medicos refused to cooperate. They refused to come in and do an accounting."

He says every client signed an agreement and believes the contract will vindicate him. Wenk is also critical of the criminal process saying they're using the police to settle a civil dispute.

"I'm disappointed they didn't do a further investigation or at least listen to my side related to these," said Wenk. "Because I was never interviewed about a single one of these files and the files that I was interviewed about, they did not press charges."

Meanwhile, police say Wenk faces five counts of obtaining money by false pretenses and believe there may be more victims.

"We're aware of five victims now. We believe there are additional victims, likely in the Richmond metro area," explained Lt. Jason Stocks with Chesterfield Police. "We'd like to solicit anyone who may have been a victim in the community to come forward so we can get them assistance."

Wenk is set to appear in Chesterfield County General District Court on April 19 at 1 p.m.

Officers say Wenk also goes by the names of "Timothy Scott" and "Timothy Wink."

Wenk says he stopped doing these types of transactions and is back flipping houses he and his family purchase to renovate and sell.

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of Wenk is asked to call Chesterfield County Police at 804-748-1251.

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