Death investigation underway after Mosby Court shooting

Death investigation underway after Mosby Court shooting

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A death investigation is underway after a shooting Monday afternoon in the 1900 block of Raven Street in Mosby Court.

Officers were in the area around noon, searching for any evidence of a possible shooting after reports of gunfire were called in. Twenty minutes later, while the officers were still in the area, they heard gunfire. Within minutes, a 911 call came in through dispatch that someone had been shot.

Police say there are two crime scenes in this shooting: one on Raven Street and the other behind a building where the victim was located.

Police Chief Alfred Durham was on the scene, warning against retaliation.

"People in the neighborhood know what is going on," said Durham. "We've heard comments like 'that's OK we have it.' We don't want them to have it. If you have information, give it to police so we can solve this murder and bring some closure to the family."

The police chief pointed out that in the majority of recent homicides, it was not a random act of violence, but that the victim and suspect knew each other. Police are still investigating to see if that is the case in this deadly shooting.

With 50 to 75 people nearby when the shooting happened, the chief is urging them to come forward with information.

"Folks will try to take it into their own hands, and what happens? More violence, more loss of life, more injuries. Not only to individuals but to the community as a whole," expressed the Police Chief.

After the shooting, a fight broke out in the area and one person was seen taken away in handcuffs.

"We have to stop this," said Durham. "Every citizen has obligation to make sure city is safe."

As officers were on scene investigating, children were being dropped off by the school bus.

"It's become a way of life. That's unfortunate. They shouldn't be witnessing that at such a young age," said the chief.

He also spoke on how shootings like this one put a severe strain on police resources.

"Right now I have 20-30 officers out here. Somewhere in this city, someone is calling 911, and that person won't get the rapid response they deserve. We own that, but what's going on in our community – I've made a plea, the mayor has made a plea, citizens made a plea. We have to stop this. Every citizen has an obligation to ensure that their communities are safe."

There is currently no information on any suspects or a motive for the shooting. RPD has not yet identified the victim.

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