Help reach your goals by betting on yourself to lose weight

Updated: Jan. 27, 2017 at 3:26 PM EST
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - How many of you started the new year resolving to lose some weight? Many who did have already fallen back into old habits, but now there's a way to keep you on track by putting your money on the line.

Two to three times a week, Crunch Gym is where Kristine Gehler spends her evenings, working diligently to burn calories.

"To feel better about myself in my own skin and to just be healthier," said Gehler.

She's tried to lose weight before but never seemed to reach that end goal. Determined to commit this time, Gehler wanted something to help keep her on track. DietBet was the answer.

"The whole idea is that you're really making a commitment because you're betting on yourself," said CEO Jamie Rosen.

First you join a game - you can set one up with people you know or jump in with other people who are betting on themselves.

"I chose a game based on the person that was running the game and her own weight loss journey from DietBet. Looked like someone I could relate with." Gehler says.

Gehler plunked down $35 for her bet and sent pictures verifying her starting weight. Now she's got four weeks to lose four percent of her body weight.

"This isn't like the biggest loser, where one person walks away with big check. This is something where everyone can win. If you reach your goal, you split the pot evenly with all the other winners. The typical return would be about 50 percent on top of what you bet," Rosen says.

Gehler has longer term goals, so she's joined another DietBet game that lasts six months. If she drops 10 percent of her starting weight, she'll collect.

Gehler's motivation: "Every time I think about eating something, anything I'm not supposed to, I think 'oh no, I need to get my money back. I definitely cannot eat this right now.'"

Three weeks into her month-long game, Gehler has already hit her goal. If she maintains it for one more week, she'll win her money back and then some.

"It's a nice reward for accomplishing your health goals," said Rosen.

"It gives me motivation to just keep going," said Gehler.

The advice Gehler gets from her group helps to keep her motivated and on track. They've got other games like "step bet" as well. If you're ready to bet on yourself, you can access DietBet online or download their app.

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