RVA Parenting: Mom to four shows clothing line at NYC Fashion Week

RVA Parenting: Mom to four shows clothing line at NYC Fashion Week

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A working mother to four is taking her fashion hobby to New York Fashion Week.

She says this year is her year to see her dream become a reality. She wants her work to take off and become a well-known design.

The clothing Tangee Massey imagines, speaks for itself. It's colorful, fun, and original. Tangee started crocheting as a kid as a way to keep herself busy.

"I was in too much trouble," laughed Tangee, who said the crafting slowed her down.

She majored in Fashion at VCU, then settled down and had four kids. As life sometimes does, she got distracted by motherhood and responsibility, but her creative mind never settled.

"My goal was to raise my kids, try to be the best wife/mom I want to be," said Tangee. "But then when we're lacking inside, it trickles down to my family.  And I made it very known to my family - I'm miserable.  And I mean, I just put it like that. Because, I did the 'I'm not happy.' And then I was like, 'I'm miserable.' And I told them like, I have to do this."

Tangee started showing and selling her custom clothes. All crocheted - with no pattern, and no plan - just wherever her hands lead her. Before she knew it, Tangee was headed to fashion week in New York City.

"It was like 'wow!'" said Tangee. "We really get what you're doing."

This year, she's headed back with Virginia models and a goal to make this year the year she really "makes it."

She says there have been some long days balancing it all - and often sleepless nights. The sacrifices she and her kids are making are also lessons for their future - lessons in budgeting, hard work, and tenacity.

"I know that I've done something and I always have my kids with me," said Tangee. "So, they can see the hard work that I'm doing and what it's really leading up to."

She heads back to NYC fashion week in just a matter of days. If you'd like to see Tangee's work, click here.

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