'Little Saint Nick' gathers gifts for sick kids, but his own doesn't arrive

'Little Saint Nick' gathers gifts for sick kids, but his own doesn't arrive

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - For years, a young boy has been collecting toys for children who are sick during the holidays. This year, his own gift was taken.

Nick Booth is now 13 years old, but he started his toy drive when he just 7 years old after seeing a commercial on TV about children with cancer in the hospital.

His efforts have resulted in hundreds of toys being brought to children who will be spending the holidays in a Richmond hospital.

Outside of asking for gifts for others, his mom says Nick only asks for one gift each year for himself. This year that gift was a PlayStation 4.

While the confirmation email came through saying the PlayStation4 had been delivered to the family's home, the family says the gift never arrived. Nick's mom says she made a point to be home on the day it would be delivered, but believes it never showed up.

She has the confirmation email, and says she's opened a case with the company and the delivery service. When that resulted in no answers, she contacted.

Stephanie Robusto started making calls, finding it nearly impossible to get a live human on the phone when calling Fingerhut, the merchant that the Booths used when purchasing the PlayStation. Each phone call was then transferred to an automated service requiring a social security number for existing customers.

Eventually, we were able to find the number to the corporate office, which is not advertised. We still have not heard back.

Meanwhile, calls to UPS were promptly returned and the organization launched an investigation, calling the Booths to apologize.

They were able to uncover that one package was delivered by the postal service that was shipped using UPS SurePost. That is a contract service selected by the merchant. It has UPS deliver the package to a destination post office for the postal service to deliver within a few days.

There is also an open investigation to address the other package that may have been mis-delivered. UPS is now engaging with the original merchant shipper to see if a claims process is needed to be initiated and UPS plans to complete any final resolution directly with the Booths.

"It breaks my heart that this kid works so hard to make sure all these other kids have Christmas, and the only thing he asked for ... is gone," said Sheri Booth, Nick's mom.

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