Uber driver says hit-and-run injured passengers near VCU, cost him job

Uber driver says hit-and-run injured passengers near VCU, cost him job

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A quick ride in an Uber takes a turn for the worst, and the aftermath was caught on camera.

Several people were rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run crash near VCU. The man transporting passengers for Uber says he's now out of a job because of another driver who decided to keep going.

Uber officials say globally, it offers six million rides a day, which is why crashes don't really catch them off guard.

When Slaydon Buckley clocked in for work, he didn't expect the day to go like this.

"The wife, they were just freshly married, and the last thing I saw of her was her being hauled away on a stretcher crying," said Buckley.

He's talking about the passengers he had just picked up while driving for Uber.

"My back window exploded in one of their necks. The tall guy, he had bits of glass in them," said Buckley.

It happened at Main and Adams just after midnight. A blue or black Honda slamming into the back of his car.

The other driver..."He drove off immediately. Just floored it," said Buckley.

Now Buckley is furious. His car is totaled - that mean's he's out of a paycheck. Two days after the incident, he got a response from Uber, informing him he's not able to pick up any more rides while the company investigates. The company also wants proof Buckley has insurance on his car in order to determine if a third-party vendor will cover the damages.

If so - it will be a $1,000 deductible out of his pocket - even though he's not at fault.

"I don't feel like I'm going to have my vehicle replaced by Uber. I feel like they're going to do what they need to do to keep all the money they can because I'm just one driver. They don't care if they deactivate my account and just throw me to the side," said Buckley.

A company representative said it's their standard policy and that Uber wants to successfully resolve the matter. In situations like these, the company provides a $1 million bodily injury coverage plan in the event customers are injured in a crash while on an Uber ride.

Meantime, the loss of income hits hard for Buckley.

"My electricity is going to be shut off. My water is going to be shut off," said Buckley.

Leaving him with one question for the driver who caused all of this: "Why...why did you drive off?"

NBC12 reached out to Richmond Police regarding the conditions of those passengers and is waiting to hear back.

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