Jens Soering set for parole hearing for Bedford murders

Jens Soering set for parole hearing for Bedford murders

BEDFORD, VA (WWBT) - A man who has spent 30 years behind bars for a crime he says he didn't commit, will have a parole hearing Thursday.

In 1990, Jens Soering was found guilty for the murder of Nancy and Derek Haysom. The couple were brutally stabbed to death in their Bedford County home in April 1985.

Soering is currently serving two life sentences.

At the time of the murders, he was a student at the University of Virginia. The victims were his girlfriend's parents.

Elizabeth Haysom plead guilty to orchestrating her parent's murders, and is currently serving a 90-year prison sentence.

Upon questioning by the police, Soering confessed to killing the Haysoms, but later recanted.

In light of recently uncovered DNA evidence, Soering's attorney has asked the governor for a full pardon.

Type O blood found in the Haysom's home was a centerpiece of the Commonwealth's case against Soering, who has type O blood. Both Soering's lawyer and Chuck Reid, a former criminal investigator with the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, say 2009 tests show the DNA profile of that blood does not match Soering's.

"If DNA would have been available in 1985, we wouldn't be discussing this today. Not with Jens Soering anyway. He would have been cleared," Reid said last month.

In October 1985, Reid says Soering was called into the Bedford Sheriff's office for questioning.

"When he walked in the office, to be honest with you, I was very much surprised and kind of shocked. This little 18-year-old kid, I couldn't see doing this kind of damage," said Reid.

Less than a week later, Soering and Elizabeth Haysom fled the country. They were apprehended in London in 1986.

Soering's parole hearing is set for Thursday afternoon.

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