Car thief caught on camera in Chesterfield community

Car thief caught on camera in Chesterfield community

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A suspected car thief is lurking outside of homes, caught on camera after a rash of car break-ins within the Water Mill community.

For Bryan Son, he wishes all the thieves took were items from his car. Instead, they took the entire vehicle.

"I'm used to coming out of the house, getting in my car to get coffee. I stood here for a minute. I looked down the street this way, down the other, and no car. It took a minute to register," expressed Bryan Son, as he stood in his driveway where his 2013 Ford Fusion normally sits.

Once it registered that the black colored vehicle was missing, he immediately went door to door, checking in with neighbors.

"A couple cars down there had also been broken into," said Son.

His second vehicle in the driveway was ransacked, but only the Fusion was stolen. He took to social media to alert neighbors.

"Once I put it out on social media, the reports started to come in and numerous houses, at least ten including mine, had been hit," said Son.

Some of those homes had surveillance cameras, capturing the suspected thieves on camera.

"They saw suspicious activity between 12:45 and 3 a.m. A lot of the cameras picked up a dark sedan," he said.

He believes there is only one place the thieves could have found the keys to his car.

"I don't leave my keys inside the car, I leave them in a specific spot inside the house," said Son, which makes him wonder if those individuals found a way inside his home.

He called NBC12 in hopes to get the word out to other homeowners. He wants you to be on alert for suspicious activity while also being vigilant in locking your doors.

"You're not immune to this activity, keep your eyes open. I let my guard down, and it won't happen again."

Chesterfield Police have entered the stolen car into a crime database and are going through the surveillance video.

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